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The present construction market is filled with numerous choices, making it quite challenging to find a clear answer and make the most of it. Almost always people make a sacrifice on their choices. We, under the roof of Fonceca & Son Construction, believe that no one should have to compromise when it comes to painting and construction projects hence we provide customized services that are flexible for clients in every aspect.

Established in Snohomish County in 1980, Fonceca & Son Construction is the brainchild of founder Aaron Fonceca. The inspiration behind the company was to offer the Greater Seattle area a comprehensive range of construction, painting, and remodeling services. Our goal has always been to provide exceptional workmanship in any project that we get our hands on.

We take great pride in taking on any project and completing it according to our customers’ requirements. We provide bespoke services to a variety of clients in numerous sectors. Not being dearly fond of any cookie-cutter techniques, we pay extra attention to detail regardless of any construction project large or small.


Fonceca & Son aims at providing a comprehensive range of construction painting and remodeling services at affordable prices.


To combine our experience and our proficiency with the cutting-edge practices to deliver better, faster and longer-lasting results in the future, as well.

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Why rely on us? Because we’re experts!

We understand you and your unique requirements. It’s our job to help you make your home improvement dreams a reality. Our experts help you take your project from scratch to hatch using only the best materials and methods possible. We promise to get your job done in a timely manner and get you results you will be proud to show off.

Providing High Quality Painting and Construction Services Since 1980

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We offer unparalleled services covering (mention the areas), assisting our clients with their construction work. Visit us, and get to know our level of passion and excellence.